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Financial Planning Made Clear

Our plans simplify your financial picture to empower action, progress and ultimately, success.

At Firm Foundations Financial Group, we know you want to be confident and secure as you approach retirement. In order to achieve that, you need a plan that will bring financial clarity to all stages of life. The problem is you don’t have a proven expert and guide to rely on to design that plan.

We believe that after having worked and saved your whole life, you deserve to be able to retire confidently. We understand the complexity of personal finances and how quickly things can spiral out of control which is why we have devoted the last 23 years to helping hundreds of clients secure their financial futures.

Here's how we do it:


We meet to discuss your needs and to see if we’re a good fit for one another.


We develop the Firm Foundations Plan that addresses your needs and priorities.

Implement and Adjust

We put your Firm Foundations Plan into action and review over time adjusting as necessary.

And in the meantime, click here to see how much you can safely spend in retirement today.

You can stop wondering if things will work out and instead feel the stability that our Firm Foundation Plans can provide.

Standard of Care

Our financial Standard of Care helps you ask the right questions and provides you a high-level financial snapshot. It sets the stage for what you can expect when working with us.


You are busy with life and want to know that you are doing the right things now to set you up for success in the future. What are the right goals? What should you be concerned about? Are you invested correctly?


You are setting dates and trying to identify targets and need a partner with whom you can share your plans. Are you targeting the right things in order to achieve the goals you have set? What risks might there be that you aren’t seeing? What can you do leading up to your retirement to make sure your plan is solid? Do you have a margin of safety in your plan?

Retirement & Beyond

You have either retired completely or have entered into what we call a second-tier retirement where you continue to work but have cut back on most facets of your professional career. You are looking for a diligent and responsible advisor that will keep their eyes on the ball. You’re looking to delegate your investment management to a trustworthy partner allowing you the peace of mind of knowing that your best interests are always being managed by a team of professionals.

How much can you safely spend in retirement?

Firm Foundations Financial Plan

Our clients’ Firm Foundations plan helps them achieve the life they choose. These plans often address all six areas of financial planning:

Investment Management

Growing and protecting your wealth

Retirement and Income Planning

Identifying goals and creating an income stream to meet them

Insurance Planning

Risk management, transferring your risk to someone else’s balance sheet

Tax Planning

Responsibly keeping more of what you own

Estate and Legacy Planning

Ensuring things go the way you intend

Education Funding

Create a plan for future generations

The comprehensive Firm Foundations plan provides a forward-facing assessment of your current finances. These plans form the backbone of our relationship with our clients. They allow us to plan for the future through the use of complex analytics and smart assumptions. We tailor your plan to your needs, wants and wishes for the future.

Together, we develop an agenda for next steps to include a 90 to 180 day to-do list for the client which will address the most important and lowest hanging fruit in their plan. This serves to build momentum and confidence for clients showing that meaningful progress can be made.

Our many years of experience has shown that together, these two elements will set you on a solid path forward.

We would love the opportunity to earn your trust and business. ​

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